Alcohol abuse

Alcohol abuse is a serious social problem with many negative health consequences, moral, legal, cultural and economic. Particularly alarming is the drinking of alcohol by young people and the alcoholism of children.

The situation requires all the more decisive counteraction, that it is a growing problem - the scope and effects of alcohol abuse are increasing.

The role of prevention is irreplaceable in anti-alcohol activity. Proper upbringing of the young generation is the most effective system of limiting and gradually eliminating drunkenness and alcoholism. Public opinion points to the special duties of the family home in the field of anti-alcoholic upbringing, expects appropriate educational activities from youth organizations, makes a number of demands ,,mass media”, stigmatizes the bad example of many adults, he turns to the school and teachers with the deepest confidence.

The leading role of the school in the upbringing of the young generation as well as the professional and social educational qualifications of teachers are the basis of the conviction, that, above all, the school can do a lot to shape anti-alcohol awareness and consolidate the appropriate attitude of its pupils towards alcohol.

Educational tasks in the field of alcohol problems are determined by the following principle: until adulthood - abstinence, lifelong sobriety.

Teachers are right, to help them - in the form of an appropriate guide and guide - in the educational work on consolidating the right attitude of students towards alcohol.