Unoccupied seats

Unoccupied seats
Old people talk, that there are two armchairs in paradise, covered with dust, layer so thick, that the dust reaches up to the ceiling!
For these chairs have been standing in Paradise since the creation of the world, and no one has sat on them until now.
For they are meant for a good stepmother and a good mother-in-law.

Happy Adam
Why did Adam live so long??
"Because he didn't have a mother-in-law.".

Good son-in-law
Fajwla's mother-in-law is fond of watermelon
When her son-in-law brought her half a watermelon one day, she cried in ecstasy:
“I am ready to give half my life for this fruit!
"Okay," Faivel replied. "Then I'll bring you a whole watermelon tomorrow.".

Can not
Father-in-law complained, that the son-in-law can't drink or play cards.
"That's very good," concludes the friend.
"It would be great," replies the father-in-law, "if my son-in-law didn't drink and play.". But the bastard can't drink, and he drinks, he can't play, and the game.

Beloved father-in-law
Son in law, abused by father-in-law, once called:
"Three things I can't stand: father-in-law's sable cap and pasta. Now imagine, how I hate my father-in-law, when he sits at the table in his sable hat during the Saturday feast and eats pasta I