Thank God!

Thank God!
One evening, when Ber came home from the store, met a Neighbor on the first floor and said smiling:
— Mazel-tov, Reb Beri Your wife has given birth to a son.
Another neighbor was waiting for him on the second floor, she exclaimed happily :
— Mazel-tov, Reb Beri Your wife gave birth to twins.
On the third floor, the midwife jumped out
— Mazel-tov, reb Ber! Your wife gave birth to triplets!
Then Ber raised his hands up ! he said piously :
- Thanks, God, I live on the third floor, and not higher!

“My wife had triplets this morning, and in the evening - twins.
- What are you talking about, warjacie! It's impossible.
"Why impossible?"? She gave birth to triplets this morning, and during the day one child died, these are the remaining twins.

- How many children do you have?
"Two and a half dozen - no charm.".
- Oh my! As many as thirty children! But that's probably impossible?!
"Who told you?", I have thirty children? And eight is not enough for you?
"You do.", that you have two and a half dozen,
- Yeah: half a dozen and two.

Extraordinary idea
— Ty, sloim, you are the smartest in the family. So advise me, what should i do with my boy? He is already nine years old and still has no birth certificate.
"It's understood.", that you need to get him a certificate as soon as possible! How can a man be without a birth certificate ?
“That's easy to say. Poverty in this, that I don't know, how to save it. If I write it down, she's only five years old, that's what I'm afraid of, that when they take him - God forbid - into the army, then it will fall out, that by the time he serves, he will be an old bachelor and will not be able to make a decent game… f if they enroll him a few years older, than it is, he will have to join the army very young, and the draft board may - God forbid - disbelieve it, that he already has 21 lat… What to do?! What to do?!
- In a minute, In a second! Don't despair like that! We'll find a way out. Mam! You have to save it right now, that he is so old, how much does he really have. No less, no more.
- You know, sloim, that's great advice. I never would have come up with this idea.

Unnecessary luxury.
- See Abram ! cried the delighted mother. Our baby got three teeth straight away!
"I don't know what."? Father replies with a sigh, severe beggar.