Aphorisms about man, man in aphorisms

Aphorisms: about man, man in aphorisms…

Man, who moves in the crowd, won't go further than that
inside. Ten, who walks alone, may be somewhere else
nobody was there.

The little man grows up in the moment, when he realizes his smallness. Large
man decreases, when he sees his greatness.

Don't be afraid to take a big step, when indicated. It's not possible
overcome the abyss in two steps.

To err is human. But only then, when erring
remembers, that he is human.

Man does not change, man sometimes, simply… it gives
only to know from another side.

From jokes about madmen, one could create an image of many,
normal man.

Just pay attention to the man, to be attractive and
beautiful in its own way.

A conceited man, nothing will happen, because he always thinks,
that he has already achieved it.

People are basically equal… only not always, not everywhere
and not in everything.

Advantages and disadvantages, it's often one and the same. Only from different points of view.

All people are born equal and fight against it all their lives.

Before a man knows who he is…, he's already someone else.

Learn to swim. Too often people are still drowning in daydreams.

Man, which is enough for itself, nobody needs it.

Some people wait their whole lives for a shout: “Extras on the set!”

Only when you stop being afraid, he is gaining courage.